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      2024 WORKSHOPS

Autumn Equinox - Finding Balance with the Koshas

21st September 1.30-4pm at Globe House Yoga


"If a year was tucked inside of a clock, then Autumn would be the magic hour", Victoria Erickson

From the Latin word for “equal night,” the “equinox” is a time when day and night are of equal length. An opportunity to honour the balance and interaction of light and dark and gratitude for the changes that come with the passing of time. During the autumn equinox, we can reflect on that which we would like to shed and let go of, as we enter a period of quiet rest and reflection following the busy summer months, allowing us to settle into a new equilibrium.

Join me for a workshop focusing on balance and grounding via an exploration of the five koshas or sheaths providing a lens through which to view our whole selves at this interesting time of year.

Annamaya Kosha will be explored through a creative and challenging vinyasa practice including grounding balances, and calming forward folds, Pranamaya Kosha through breathwork, Manomaya Kosha through accessible mindfulness and gratitude practices and a nourishing Nidra will close the practice inviting a period of reflection upon the two inner layers of ourselves Vijnanamaya (wisdom) and Anandamaya (bliss).

The focus will be on a physical asana practice, with modifications suggested to accommodate all, in addition to breathwork and relaxation whilst offering an opportunity to learn a little about these layers of awareness originating from the Taittiriya Upanishad, an ancient philosophical text which add a richness and depth to our yoga practice. A chance to take the practice of yoga beyond our mat, ready to take on the busy ness of the new "school term" and new season ahead.


Homemade cake, refreshments and a self care treat to take home are all included.


Reservation of a space is via payment direct with me.

Photos below from my 2023 Turning of the Seasons Workshops (Summer to Autumn and Autumn to Winter) and 2024 Gather for Turning of the Seasons Afternoon Retreat with Charlie Anderson Sumner


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