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You may be new to yoga and not feel ready to attend a group class, you may have specific physical or wellbeing needs or you may have a very busy work schedule and simply cant get to a studio group class.

I have been teaching private 1:1 and 1:2 yoga classes for 20 years and in addition to the convenience and flexibility these offer I can tailor them to your specific needs.

I am a runner myself and have experience in teaching yoga for runners ( recovering from an injury, addressing tight hips/quads etc, preparing for a race or marathon)

As well as being ideal for absolute beginners private classes are great for those wishing to explore particular aspects of yoga and take their practise further.

Within a mile radius

1 Hour session £75 in person (£70 via zoom)

1 1/2 hour session £85 (£80 via zoom)

Please get in touch with any queries and for small price adjustments if outside a mile radius. A 24 hour cancellation fee applies to all private classes.

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Private Classes: Welcome
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