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Twenty years of teaching yoga has seen me deftly navigating a rapidly changing yoga landscape with the numerous trends that brings ( the good, the bad and the rest!) whilst adapting my personal practice and teachings to accommodate numerous chapters in my life including lawyer to parent and yoga therapist. Vinyasa yoga remains my passion but all classes offer practices to strengthen the body, improve flexibility and mobility and calm the mind. I use a combination of western and eastern approaches to supporting wellbeing, including science and evidence backed practices ( such as nervous system regulation and utilising polyvagal theory) plus an exploration of the traditional teachings of yoga in a tangible and practical way to improve mental health and wellbeing.

First introduced to yoga as a child, I began regularly practicing over 25 years ago whilst working as a defendant clinical negligence lawyer and then prison law and human rights lawyer. Yoga was the perfect tool to counterbalance the demands of a career in law and city living. Deciding to take my interest in yoga further I undertook an 18-month yoga teaching course with The Life Centre/Yoga Campus, London 2003-2005 with incredible teachers including Liz Lark, , Shiva Rea, Rod Stryker and Aadhil Palkhivala, all of whom continue to inspire me today. I continue to study, train and attend workshops with amongst others Jean Hall and Mercedes Ngoh and consider yoga a lifelong evolving practice.

I live in London with my family and dog and when not teaching or practicing yoga I can be found running or enjoying my passions for dance and the arts.


Classes range from restorative, yoga nidra to creative vinyasa flow. In a flow class in addition to exploring a moving meditation and shifting our physical bodies, energy and awareness, time is spent exploring poses, modifications and refinements so alignment is learnt.

I will meet you on the mat wherever you are physically and mentally that day creating a space for self compassion and reflection whilst carefully guiding you through sequenced postures, breathwork, bandhas and mudras with the intention you leave feeling relaxed, grounded and centred.

I remain passionate about supporting all whether you are a child, teenager or adult and beginner or more experienced practitioner and continue to offer yoga as part of workplace wellness to support employees wellness at work and yoga in schools and for sixth formers.

With a red belt in Tae Kwon Do and a keen runner I believe yoga is the perfect complement to a variety of sports and often teach private clients to assist with their marathon training or other sporting activities.

Past and current clients include Nuffield Health and Wellbeing, Wedlake Bell Law Firm, Seymour Powell Design Agency, Samsara Mind and Body studio, Wimbledon High School, Southfields Community College, Wimbledon Explorer Scouts.


A qualified yoga therapist  trained with the internationally acclaimed The Minded Institute, London and accredited by the British Council for Yoga Therapy and National Institute for Integrative Psychotherapy.

My interest in the therapeutic benefits of yoga was driven by the impact of the covid pandemic upon our mental and physical health and a desire to explore how the practices of yoga, breathwork and mindfulness combined with neuroscience and psychology could help in the management of medical conditions ranging from chronic pain to cancer. During the course of my training, I developed a particular interest in the following;- anxiety, menopause, cancer and neurological conditions incl. parkinson's disease and multiple sclerosis.


*Yoga Teacher 200hr-CYT

The Life Centre/Yoga Campus, London

*Yoga Therapist 580hr -BCYT/NCIP

British Council for Yoga Therapy/National Council of Integrative Psychotherapists

The Minded Institute, London

Special interest in Yoga Therapy for

. Neurological Conditions incl. Parkinsons Disease and Multiple Sclerosis

. Insomnia

. Peri/Menopause

. Stress/Anxiety/Depression


Three case studies on Parkinsons, Cancer and Anxiety completed

Written Papers

Dissertation - Yoga Therapy for Early Onset Parkinsons

Two 4,000 word papers completed on

.Yoga in Prisons: A captive audience

.Yoga for 21st Century Children including those with additional needs.


Other Training

*Yoga for Pregnancy

*Creative Vinyasa Yoga Sequencing

*The Energetics of Sequencing

*Yoga for Peri Menopause and Menopause

Current Enhanced DBS Certificate

Current First Aid at Work Certificate

About Me: About Me
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